Terms and conditions

1. Terms
InnExx.com is a company whose goal is to offer an online platform on which coaching sessions can be offered, booked and followed.
In these general terms and conditions InnExx.com includes all persons employed by and for InnExx.com.
In these general terms and conditions ''Coach'' means: a natural person or legal entity that provides and offers a form of coaching or other psychological services.

In these general terms and conditions "OnlineCoach.net" means: the InnExx.com platform on which Clients can register to offer or receive psychological services and coaching.
In these general terms and conditions, "Client" means: the natural person or legal entity or the partnership of natural and/or legal entities or the intermediary or representative acting on their behalf who registers with OnlineCoach.net and takes out a subscription enabling them to offer their services.
In these general terms and conditions, "User" means: any person who uses OnlineCoach.net, not including the client with a subscription.

2. Applicability of these conditions
These terms and conditions apply to all users and clients. Deviations from these general terms and conditions will only be valid if expressly agreed in writing.

3. The agreement
The agreement is made by filling in the web form with the necessary data, after which a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. Both the client and the user are obliged to create an account using the web form.
The agreement is found between the client and InnExx.com. The user, who is not a client, is not a part of the agreement.
InnExx.com is not a part of any agreement between the client and other users of the platform.

4. Obligations of InnExx.com
InnExx.com offers users an online platform where they can get digital coaching, and where clients can offer this digital coaching.
InnExx.com provides the platform on which the coaching is offered and tries to ensure that the information on the website is correct. However, InnExx.com cannot vouch for the content being placed on the website by the coach and is not responsible for inaccuracies on the website.
InnExx.com is the point of contact for users with complaints about the platform on which the coaching is offered.
InnExx.com does not guarantee that the platform is available at all times.
InnExx.com maintains order in the forum associated with OnlineCoach.net, and may at all times remove messages that it considers inappropriate or irrelevant.

5. Making a subscription and using the account
To take out a subscription it is necessary to fill in the web form.
It's only possible to change subscriptions when you choose to go to a more expensive subscription. Switching to a cheaper subscription is not possible during the subscription period.
The client takes out a subscription so that it can offer its services on the OnlineCoach.net platform.
The client is required to provide correct data when creating his or her coaching account. These data include a correct profile picture, and certificates that were obtained in the past.
A correct profile has a picture on which the face of the coach is clearly visible.

The user and the client are liable to InnExx.com for all actions they have carried out through their account. However, the user or the client is not responsible when there is a misuse of his/her account.
As soon as the user is aware of the fact that his/her account is being misused, the user must notify InnExx.com immediately.
In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions, or in the event of deliberate misuse of the user's or client's account, InnExx.com is permitted to delete the account and to deny access to the online platform.

InnExx.com may also remove accounts when there are other forms of abuse. Such as but not excluded to: the frequent non-payment of invoices to the Coach (coach has the possibility to send two automatic mails that are sent in case of non-payment), incorrectly claiming to have obtained a certificate or giving other false information by the Coach, frequent non-compliance with obligations towards the user on the side of the Coach, or giving sessions for which the platform is not intended.

6. Intellectual property
The information, images and material related to the coaching displayed by InnExx.com on its website remain the property of the coach and/or InnExx.com. It is not permitted to copy or distribute the information in any way without permission.

8. Limitation and/or exclusion of liability
InnExx.com cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of information provided on the website and the damage resulting from this inaccuracy unless this inaccuracy was caused by intent or conscious recklessness by InnExx.com or one of its employees.
If InnExx.com is nevertheless held responsible, it will only be liable for direct damage actually incurred, paid for or suffered by the user due to a demonstrable failure by InnExx.com to fulfil its obligations with regard to its services.
InnExx.com cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from one of the services offered by Coach/Client.
InnExx.com has no access to the content of webcam sessions between the client and the user and cannot, does not need and does not have to provide any information about this.
InnExx.com cannot be held responsible for malfunctions in its systems, or any other external cause beyond InnExx.com's control, as a result of which it is not possible to offer the OnlineCoach.net platform.
InnExx.com is not responsible for the payment between the client and the coach if something goes wrong or if the client does not pay. The Coach sends an invoice to the client and he or she can choose to send a maximum of two payment reminders to the client. The client pays directly to the coach, and OnlineCoach.net does not interfere with the transaction.
All claims of the user due to shortcomings on the part of InnExx.com will lapse if they have not been reported to InnExx.com in writing and with reasons within a reasonable period, after the user was aware or could reasonably have been aware of the facts on which he bases his claims.

9. Cancellation
The Client may terminate prematurely. All purchased subscriptions have a term of one (1) year, unless agreed otherwise.
An interim cancellation does not indemnify the client from its payment obligation.
The subscriptions are not automatically renewed. It is up to the client to order another year subscription when it expires. The client will receive a reminder e-mail for this.

10. Costs and payment
All prices are including VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Payment is made by means of a one-time payment, unless otherwise agreed.
A subscription is not established if and as long as the payment obligation has not been met.

11. Applicable law and competent court
The legal relationship between InnExx.com and its clients is governed by Dutch law.
All disputes that may arise between InnExx.com and its clients will be settled by the competent court of the district of Amsterdam.

12. Promotion - Clients
Clients have a chance to earn back the paid session in the form of a gift voucher worth 50 euros including VAT.
The client must be registered on the OnlineCoach.net calendar. This can be the agenda on the profile page of the coach or the OnlineCoach.net agenda that the coach has placed on his/her own site, with the help on an iFrame.
The client must post a review about the coach on the profile page of the coach on OnlineCoach.net.
Gift vouchers cannot be paid out as money to the client and there cannot be any discussion about the value of this gift voucher.
The client has to put a message on Twitter that makes clear on which profile page of OnlineCoach.net he/she has written the review of the coach.
In addition, the client must have paid the coach for his/her services.
The client is informed about this promotion in an aftermail that he/she receives after his/her session.
InnExx.com and OnlineCoach.net decide which persons have a chance of winning the gift voucher and who wins the gift voucher.
The promotion lasts until October 2019 and can, if InnExx.com/OnlineCoach.net decides, be extended or ended sooner. 
A maximum of 2 clients have the chance to win the digital voucher. These clients are selected by OnlineCoach.net

13. Promotion - Coaches
Coaches have a chance to win a cake every month until the end of December 2019.
The coaches who have a chance of winning a cake are selected in the following way: OnlineCoach.net selects those who had the highest number of clients that booked sessions in the agenda of OnlineCoach.net. They must have used the OnlineCoach.net system to become one of the contenders. This can be the agenda on the profile page of the coach or the OnlineCoach.net booking system that can be placed on the website of the coach with the help of an iFrame.
A maximum of three coaches who have the highest number of clients that booked a session with the OnlineCoach.net booking system will receive a cake.
The choice of the cake cannot be discussed and no money is given instead of a cake.
The campaign lasts until December 2019 and is meant for all coaches on OnlineCoach.net, this also applies to coaches outside the Netherlands.
InnExx.com/OnlineCoach.net will decide whether this promotion will be extended or, if necessary, stopped earlier.
OnlineCoach.net will contact the coaches who have won a cake.

14. Identity of InnExx.com
InnExx.com is registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 62072048. InnExx.com has the following VAT identification number NL195448571B01. Furthermore, InnExx.com has its registered office at the President Kennedylaan 271 (1079 MG) in Amsterdam.
InnExx.com can be reached by e-mail at info@onlinecoach.net.