Coaching of Perception We often experience problems when life does not go the way we want it. You have a certain idea about what your life should look like, what you want to do, achieve and how you want to implement and shape it. These are ideas that we have relatively little insight into, but they strongly influence our behavior and experience. I will help you gain more insight and overview of the interaction between your ideas, behavior and their results. Complaints that I often work with are burnout, depression, questions of meaning, anxiety complaints, addictions and relationship problems. Looking differently In life we encounter prosperity and adversity. In our culture we do not actually learn how to deal with these ever-changing circumstances. We therefore mainly try to change circumstances, rather than change our way of dealing with those circumstances. That is why success and failure are mainly seen as personal merit or failure, with all the unpleasant consequences. In our coachings I will teach you to look at and deal with it differently. You cannot control the events in your life, but you do control how you deal with it and what you do with it. Personally My approach is warm, compassionate and with humor. My guidance encourages self-examination and self-reflection to increase insight into one's own share of results in order to find adequate answers to current questions. I offer the people I work with my undivided attention, my insight into what you need to do and not to do, techniques for training Attention, and room for reflection on meaning. With over 30 years of work experience in the field of psychotherapy, coaching and training, my work is a synthesis of Western psychology and philosophy, and Buddhist wisdom and compassion. You're very welcome as an individual, as a couple, as a team or as an organization. Hope to see you soon!