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Before the webinar begins, you will get an e-mail notification about the exact moment the webinar starts.

I am a coach

Yes and No.

Yes; the first year is free (until the campaign is over)
No; for this we have two subscriptions for which we have done preliminary research so that the subscriptions match the costs well.

Yes you can.

For this we have developed a simple tool that you can place on your own website. Customers can then schedule an appointment through your personal coaching website. takes care of the rest. You can find this script when you log into your account and click on "My website". All you have to do is cut and paste the code on your own site.


The coach does not pay percentages of the session. Coaches only pay subscription fees. Because of this the coach always knows in advance how much he or she has paid.

If there has not been a chat between the coach and the client yet, you can click on the name of the client on the account (which can be found under ‘Appointments’). A chat screen will appear, to have a chat session.

If there has already been a chat session with the customer, you can reply on your own account. Follow these steps:
  • Log in to your account
  • Go to Messages
  • Select which chat you want to open

You can send a payment link to the customer on your own account. Use the following steps:
  • Log in on your account
  • Click on the button with the arrow in it, beneath ''info'
  • Enter a payment link under "Change appointment".
  • Choose a payment term if necessary
  • Save your options
  • And finally: click on Invoice / Send payment link

You can send an invoice to the customer on your own account. Use the following steps:
  • Log in on your account
  • Click on the button with the arrow in it
  • Clip attachments and select the invoice to be sent by clicking on "invoice".
  • Choose a payment term if necessary
  • Save your options
  • And finally: click on Invoice / Send Payment Link

The possibility to place the booking system on your own website is part of your subscription.

Because of this your new/own customers can make an appointment with you on your site.
You're able to change the colors of this widget to suit your site.

Step by step how to place the booking system on your own site:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the heading "Website".
  • If necessary, choose a background colour and/or the colour for the calendar (click on the save button to save these colours).
  • Place the code on your own site where you want to show the booking system.

Every coach automatically receives a digital notebook when a session has been booked.

This digital notepad can be found directly with your appointments. When you click on it you will see the notes you have made for this client.

Please let us know which category you are interested in, and we will add this subject to the list.

Send us a message by using the "contact" button and let us know which category it is. We will contact you as soon as possible.

As a coach you can choose to use systems like Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime. has chosen to work with reliable systems. If you as a coach use other systems, please let us know.

I want to be coached

The coaching conversations between the client and the coach take place with the help of reliable applications such as Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime.

Skype is a free application that allows you to contact someone from a distance. You can download this tool for free here:

Google Hangout
Google Hangout is a free application from Google that allows you to have online sessions.
Google Hangout can be downloaded for free here:

FaceTime is a free application for the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Android users cannot put FaceTime on their devices. 

The coach shows on his/her profile page which reliable systems he/she uses for the coaching sessions. If you use another system, please let us know.

You can have an online coaching session by using one of these applications: Skype, Google Hangout and FaceTime. These applications are free to download.

Skype is an application that allows you to contact someone from a distance. It's a free tool and you can download it for free. Skype is available on your PC, tablet and mobile.
Download Skype for free here:

Google Hangout
Besides Skype, you can also have coaching sessions with Google Hangout. Google Hangout is a free application from Google on which you can easily have online sessions. You can download Google Hangout on your PC, tablet and mobile.
Download Google Hangout or free here:

FaceTime is a free application which is always available on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. Android users cannot use FaceTime on their devices.

If you are logged in as a user, follow these steps:
  • Go to the profile page of the coach
  • Click on the "chat" button to send the coach a chat message
  • If you've received an answer from the coach, it will also be shown over here

We understand that very well.

That's why we have chosen to show you immediately which coaches are online. Within the search results you can also choose whether you only want to show the results of coaches who are online.
You can also send the coach a chat message or fill in the coach's contact form on his or her profile page. makes sure that the coach is notified immediately.

Yes, it’s free

Registration on the site is free. does not charge any money. The only thing you need to pay for is the session between with the coach. The coach will send you an invoice for this, he or she has made clear in advance what the costs are.

On you can immediately see what the coach asks for his/her intake. In most cases, you don't have to pay for intake interviews.

Because of this, the coach knows if there is a click with the client and if he or she can help you. He or she also knows how you can be helped and you can discuss together how this is going and how it can be handled.

Payments between coach and client

For the customer as well as for the coach, all invoices are kept in one place.

Because of this, the client and coach keep track of which invoices have been paid and which ones haven't. It also gives you an overview the invoices have to be send to your insurance company.

This is done outside (so we do not charge), but we make sure that this takes place on the site where the coach is paid directly and where the money is paid directly into the coach's account.

As soon as the agreement has been made between the client and the coach, the client will receive the invoice by e-mail (but also within his or her personal account). The coach can choose that clients must pay on an invoice basis, but it's also possible to choose the pay directly option. gives the coaches the possibility to send a link within the mail, where the customer can pay the amount directly.


If your question is not listed, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

Click on Contact and ask your question(s) by using the contact form.

Setting up a profile - For the Coaches

At you decide on which days and on what times you want to coach online.

How do you set your days?
Select a day; if you want to work on a certain day
From (time) and to (time): indicate here the times that you can be booked in.

Repetition: You can choose from the following options:
1. Not repeated: you manually choose on which days you can be booked in.
2. Daily: you are available daily, from Monday to Sunday within the times you choose.
3. Weekly: You want to give weekly online coaching on the selected day.
4. Every working day: You are available for online coaching from Monday to Friday at the times you have selected.

Click on Save. You can add multiple Calendars, when you manually select and do online coaching on certain days.

On this page you can make clear which courses you have completed.

As a coach you can indicate within this field whether you want to show your certificate directly to the users or whether only knows that this certificate has been uploaded.
If you do not want the certificate to be displayed, you can ask to verify the certificates. Otherwise it will say that the certificates are known at but not yet verified.

For coaches with a "Professional subscription" it is mandatory to upload your certificate within this tab. So that we,, like our customers, know for sure that you have a certificate for this and that you do not abuse it.

You can also put the booking system on your own website. By doing so, (future) customers can book a session on your own website. We do the rest.

To do this, go to the tab "Website". Over here you can select the colors of how the calendar should look like so that it fits on your own website. Click on save and view the example on the bottom. Copy the iframe code and place it on your own website between the pages of your own site.

Over here you can find the invoices for your subscription.
The invoices you send to the client can be find under the tab Appointments.

If you have lost your username, take the following steps:

Click on "Login" and select "Forgot password". You will receive an email with your username and a new password.

Don't worry if you have lost your password.

Ask for a new password. Click under the login button on "forgot password".

Under the tab "Messages" are all messages that are intended for you from the client(s) can be found.

As soon as customers have filled in the contact form by using your profile page, they will be shown under the Messages tab.
Chat messages (besides being shown on your profile page) are bundled together as well, and can be found under Messages.

In this tab you can select what kind of coach you are. Within this page you can also make clear whether you are having intake conversations,

Intake: As a coach, you conduct intake interviews. Indicate that over here. Also make clear what the costs are for this intake interview (0=free), and how long an intake interview is going to last.
Customers can filter intake interviews.

Categories for giving a Coaching session
To select what kind of coach you are, you have to enter your hourly rate (incl. VAT*).
Customers can filter on a specific coach or on a category and will find your profile this way.

According to the law, amounts on websites must include VAT.

Details: this is the part where you can set up your own profile.
This is an important page for you as a coach.

Below you will find which details are important:
Company name: If you have a company, you can place it in the field. This is optional.
Name: Mandatory field so customers know who the coach is.
Address details: these are NOT shown on the website, but are mandatory so that we know that these are actual coaches. Coaches also receive the address details of the customer, so that they are able to send them an invoice. By having the address details, they also whether the client is a real person.
Online: When you log in to the site you are automatically online and are shown this way. But if you are logged in but have a session or you have to send an invoice and do not want to be shown as a coach who is online, you can manually indicate here that you are offline. The next time you log in again, you will automatically be online again.
YouTube video code: You have the possibility to place a video of yourself on your profile page. Enter the code of your YouTube video.
Avatar: Enter your personal photo here so that users know which coach they are making an appointment with.
Text (NL): Enter in this part an original Dutch text about who you are and what you do in terms of coaching. Also write here why users should choose you.
Text: Besides the Dutch ( we also have an English page ( If you would also like to be booked outside the Netherlands, aimed at English-speaking, please place your original profile text in English here.

Only enter your usernames in the fields you use as a coach. Nobody can see on your profile page what your personal usernames are, but only these icons are shown. Customers also need to fill this in and you can call them immediately when an appointment is made.

Here you can change your password

My languages
Which language do you speak as a coach? You can select a maximum of 5 languages. This makes it easier for clients who also speak this language to find you.

Over here, the coach can select which subscription is applicable. On this page we have made clear which subscription you can choose. Don't hesitate to ask us.

*Do you have a free subscription for one or two years? Even then you still have to select your subscription. You do not have to pay any costs for this period of time. At the top, within your profile within the subscription section, you see when your subscription expires.



The customer only pays for his/her sessions with the coach. This is done once the client has reserved a coach. Then the payment must be transferred to the coach within a certain period of time.

On we have drawn up two subscriptions with care. But which subscription suits you?

The Crea subscription
A subscription that is suitable for coaches in the following areas:
- Meditation, Music & Entertainment and Language Coach

The Professional subscription
This subscription is suitable for coaches within the work fields:
- Business, Communication, Animals, Financial, Behaviour, Lifestyle, Psychologists, Relationship and Sports

Try the first year for free (until the campaign stops). With this free year we want to show you what kind of advantages it has to coach online.