Coaches and coachees are also at great risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coaches and coachees also run the risk of contracting the corona virus if they have a direct session with each other. When both parties meet in an environment, this increases the risk of contamination, while this can be prevented with a platform such as As RIVM indicates, both parties must observe the following when they see each other:
  • Wash your hands regularly (note: let the coachee wash his / her hands first, because shaking hands can still accidentally occur. Even the Dutch Minister Rutte did this accidentally after he himself informed this population about this tip. This is not strange, because we do this quickly without thinking because we are used to it).
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
  • Use tissue paper
  • Do not shake hands
  • Stay home if you have a cold
We would like to add that it is wise that as a coach you wash your hands after the session and use a hand gel. In addition, it is currently a safe choice to do coaching online. You are safely behind your computer or your smartphone and the system is free to use for both parties.

Why is Online Coaching so important now

Let's start by indicating that the first year is free anyway (and that all the time when coaching at home is now essential, you want to keep your customers and continue your sessions).
For coaches, has all the features on the site for you as a coach so that you can give coaching sessions with existing or / and new customers. Think of your own agenda (where you can also book sessions with existing customers), your own digital notebook that you can keep per coachee, your own chat and more, read here all the features that you get as a coach on

For coachees, is the right platform to find a suitable coach or to run the sessions through the platform with his / her existing coach. The coachee has his own part and can chat with the coach.

Is free?

Yes! The system is free for the user anyway. The system is free for the coach the first year. If the coach does not receive customers, the system remains free until the coach has received a booking and session. In addition, the subscription for coach is not automatically renewed. For questions (for coach as coachee) you can receive an answer from us, this also on weekends, holidays and evenings.

OnlineCoach thinks it is important that the coaching sessions run successfully and especially with a virus like the corona virus (COVID-19), we think it is important that coaching is done safely.
Coaches and coachees are also at great risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19)


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